Learning about…crowd sourced learning

On Thursday 13 December 2012, we’ll be gathering together at Google Campus London for the first time with users of mylearningworx to learn all about…crowd sourced learning! This might sound daft but whilst taking an online course is one thing, when it comes to making a course, we understand that the ‘crowd’ might not even know where to start.

Take a course. Make a course. Change the world.
You might not have created any kind of online content before. You might even not be technologically minded. But we believe everyone has a course in them. So here’s how we’re going to help you get started on making your course, whatever your area of interest, and earn some money out of your existing skills and knowledge. By the end of the day you’ll achieve level one of the mylearningworx expert status, meaning you are ready to rock and roll, and get cracking on creating your own learning content.

o    10.00 – Introduction
o    10.30 – Road map and future development of mylearningworx
o    11.00 – Coffee break
o    11.15 – Track 1 (see below)
o    12.15 – Lunch
o    13.00 – Track 2 (see below)
o    14.00 – Track 3 (see below)
o    15.00 – Summary and prizes (and time to get some Christmas shopping in afterwards!)

The idea with the tracks is we’ll break into three groups and rotate through each track as the day goes on so you cover all the sessions. With smaller groups, it will be easier to get stuck in with questions and working together. Depending on everyone’s experience, we might select the groups based on your existing skills, but we’ll work through that on the day itself.

Gill ChesterTrack 1: Content production
Gill Chester is the founder of the Little Man Project and has been involved in online learning for many years. Gill’s going to be taking us through the different tools and technologies you can use to create your learning content, many of which you’ll have already. Her tips and tricks are invaluable and will help even the least technical person get started. The session will include harnessing the power of Powerpoint, using simple PDFs for learning, screen capture tools, video and authoring suites like Articulate Storyline.

Tony FrascinaTrack 2: Writing great content
One of the most important principles underpinning mylearningworx is to help our content creators write great courses. Tony Frascina of Objective Training and Chair of the annual Elearning Awards, will explore the theory of learning design, how to avoid common elearning pitfalls and how to engage your learners with your content. We’ll look at setting learning objectives and also consider how best to incorporate assessments and quizzes, or if they’re needed at all.

Kate GrahamTrack 3: Telling the world
Now once you’ve made your course, you’re going to want people to take it. But they’re not going to be able to take it if they don’t know it exists! So our communications director, Kate Graham, will be working through the different elements of how best to promote your course; from writing an attention grabbing yet appropriate course title, through to PR and promotion on social networking sites. Kate will also show you how the mylearningworx team will be working on your behalf to market your course to the world.

This is the best value training you’ll ever get! Click here to reserve your place now and if you have any questions or would like any additional information, email kate@mylearningworx.com.


About katemlw

Co-founder of mylearningworx. Love learning, technology, online, media, marketing, fashion and cricket. Not always in that order :)
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  1. hireanil says:

    Reblogged this on A360s Blog and commented:
    Learning about…crowd sourced learning. take those near Google Campus London please take this opportunity …

  2. Well, just got home after an interesting day. Thanks folks. Missed the “Summary and prizes”
    for some reason. Who won prizes?

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